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M.Video (м.видео)

Western digital acceleration


M.Video (м.видео) the largest Russian consumer electronic retail chain by revenue and the first and the only publicly traded company in its market sector, listed in Moscow Exchange. Its success was mostly due to owning a large market share and operating in most regions of Russia.

The Challenge

M.Video’s owner Alexander Tynkovan was adamant on digital acceleration for his organisation, he had first hand experienced what digital acceleration could do for other retail giants in the west such as BestBuy, John Lewis and Amazon.

That being said he established three key relationships to propel his strategy, firstly to have a western service provider working on the branding, user experience, design and technology, secondly to have an aggressive software partner to execute the technology, and finally a business consultancy working between the two - removing any language and cultural barriers.

M.Video had a team of digital designers, product owners, business analysts, and user experience designers.

The design team was immature, unstructured and unguided, lacking a clear hierarchical structure within the team.

This was evident with the linear structure of the team sitting below product owners who were acting as creative directors or heads of user experience.

Therefore, the primary challenge I was faced with was to deconstruct the paradigms within the creative team, providing them with full autonomy, confidence, processes and structure.

High-level goals

  1. Establish best practices within the team
  2. Define and deliver process
  3. Train the existing creative team

My role

I was hired as a Lead User Experience Architect, which was both hands on delivery and hands-off leadership.

Main Tasks

  1. Educate the wider business about the importance of user experience
  2. Information Architecture and content hierarchy 
  3. Performing user research
  4. Facilitating workshops
  5. Process definition
  6. Hiring resources to support digital transformation
  7. Define requirements and acceptance criteria for the development teams

Tools used

Axure RP Axure RP

Discovery Phase

I guided and supported the team of onsite user experience designers with discovery for each project that we worked on. This was done to help the digital team and stakeholders gain clarity on competitors, best practice, customer needs and business limitations.

Discovery Tasks

  • Interviews with internal stakeholders and business leads
  • Interviewing customers
  • Mapping user journeys
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Best practice research

Planning & Process

Each project was carefully planned with the help of a project manager, everything was scoped out, prioritised and then added to a backlog. I defined a design process for mVideo that would allow the digital team to successfully deliver projects into the agile development sprints.

Ideation & Delivery

The issues and insight identified in the discovery phase helped shape the ideation phase that encompassed a variety of techniques.

During this phase I was either getting involved in the hands-on delivery, supporting the wider M.Video creative team or facilitating workshops.

User Experience Specifications - Click to View


Validate & Iterate

Ensuring delivery was fit for purpose a series of user tests were performed.

Validation Tasks

  • Remote & lab user testing
  • Interviewing users
  • A/B testing concepts
  • Guerilla testing in retail outlets

Learnings would then get fed back into the creative team inspiring iteration to deliver a final solution to the development team. This would undergo the process in which I defined at the start of the project ensuring timely and efficient delivery.


After a project was successfully delivered and signed off, I ensured that the team would then monitor the progress of their deliverables by consumption of analytics data and business key performance indicators (KPIs). Allowing the digital team to formulate priorities and groom backlogs, as well as communicating to the business the impact on the customer's experience.


As mentioned, training was a core part of my role at M.Video. I created and provided the following training modules:

  • Creative Overview & Vision
  • Process Overview
  • Axure Training
  • Creative Fundamentals
  • Responsive Design
  • Administrative Process

Training - Creative Fundementals - Click to View

The Design


The ability to work onsite in Russia was fantastic, not only did I thoroughly enjoy my time abroad, but I enjoyed the knowledge sharing and skill sharing with the Russian creatives.

The work done in Russia had a huge impact on mVideo's overall performance, they were immediately rewarded with record-breaking online and offline revenue and most beneficial for mVideo, the establishment of a fully autonomous digital function within their organisation.

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